Wooshcom acheives record: 14 years without a failure!

Wooshcom acheives record: 14 years without a failure!

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WooshCom is a small firm that has been serving its customers for over 30 years. In 1986 we started by developing innovative communications and video imaging products for leading imaging companies, Fortune 500 firms, scientific & academic institutions, and national research laboratories. In early 2000, from our expertise of developing MPEG products for Cable TV manufacturers, evolved the first WooshCom branded products for the Cable TV industry. These products were completely designed, manufactured, sold and supported by WooshCom.

Since that time, WooshCom has gained the unheard of track record of never having a WooshCom manufactured product fail. WooshCom’s products are known for impeccable reliability - operating 24/7 without ever needing even a reboot.


WooshCom’s first proprietary products were a line of innovative MPEG-2 Interface Adapters. These adapters were industry game-changers in that their size, power requirements and cost were an order of magnitude less than existing products in the market. They quickly vanquished existing competing products in the market and went on to not only achieve 98% market share but also redefine the market by opening the possibility of applications that were previously considered unfeasible. Innovative dual encryption approaches such as Cisco’s Overlay was made possible by virtue of WooshCom’s products.

These adapters were then followed by more innovative products bridging the gap between legacy equipment in today’s Cable TV headends and Telco central offices and the IP wave of the future by solving real-life issues. WooshCom’s current focus is on practical products aimed at paving the way to a less-painful transition to an all IP future – products which shrink equipment in the headend, allow existing devices to be re-used, and leverage cutting edge technology to reduce rack space and drastically drop power requirements.

WooshCom Corporation is a member of the SCTE and participates in standards setting activities related to MPEG.

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